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Analytical Tools in Times of COVID-19: Fast, flexible, efficient

Are you experiencing changes in demand? Shortage of supplies? Do you want to optimize inventory management and warehouse operation? Do you want to optimize your distribution network? Do you need more accurate analytical tools? Is your internal analytical team out of capacity? Have you encountered new challenges but your company has stopped investments?

At ATHELAS Computing Ltd. we are ready to help you quickly and efficiently. Our analyzes of sales, distribution networks, warehouses and other areas help clients make strategic decisions. Our tailor-made applications help manage and run everyday operations in the supply chain and other areas without the need to invest in specialized software or new technologies.

If you need fast data analysis, flexible tools for automation of processes in daily operations (logistics, warehouses, sales, forecasting and others) or analytical tools for continuous data evaluation at a reasonable price and without investments in software or technologies, do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples of Previous Projects

We have 20 years of experience in which we have worked on hundreds of projects and developed hundreds of tools that our clients use in their daily operations. We customize each of our solutions to a specific client, based on their needs and wishes and with respect to the data, software and processes available to the client.

Among our previously implemented projects, we have identified those that have responded to the needs that many companies may face right now in relation to the pandemic situation:

Why Cooperate with ATHELAS Computing

  1. Tailored solutions. A solution based on the platform of your current software can be up to 90 % less expensive than a solution based on a specialized software, which brings with it the need to adapt to software functionality, licensing and implementation costs, and sometimes the cost of new technologies.
  2. Low cost. You only pay for our work on tailor-made solutions for your company and know the scope of each project in advance. For smaller applications it is a matter of a few days, for larger multifunctional applications or analyzes that require processing of large amounts of data, we can usually fit within 12 business days. Our usual rate is 70 USD (65EUR) per hour for the whole project team. We are also ready for continuous cooperation, where on a monthly fee basis we continuously address the client’s requirements for analysis and analytical tools.
  3. You can do without investments. Our solutions run on the platform of common office software. No additional software and licenses are required.
  4. Experience. We have 20 years of experience and hundreds of solutions that have proven their worth in practice.
  5. We work fast. We usually deliver the results within a week after receiving the data.
  6. Easy implementation. Users already know the environment in which the application runs, so they can handle the application after a very short training or a with a brief manual.
  7. Full portability. Our tools work on any computer with common office software. There is no limit to the number of stations where the applications can be used.
  8. Professional visualization and graphics. All our applications have professional graphics, clear visualizations and are user friendly.
  9. Flexibility. Our tools are modular and implementation of changes is very fast in case new functionality is required.
  10. Online collaboration. Collaboration on projects can run completely online and all meetings can take the form of video calls. Thanks to our experience working for clients in different countries of the world, we have been used to this form for many years. This of course does not mean that we do not like to see our clients in person when it is possible.

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