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We bring solutions
for efficient
Supply Chain.

Our services

What can we do for you?

Logistics network optimisation, analysis of needs and placement of key points, such as distribution centres.
Tailor-made applications, which will make the running of your everyday business easier and contribute to logistics efficacy.
Processing of large amount of output data available to every user within a short while.
Reporting optimisation within departments and across departments, so that duplication of work and various interpretation of the same data is prevented.

More about services

111 mil. CZK is the average amount yearly generated by our projects in savings.
21 % is the average saved amount in costs by our clients within our biggest projects.
18 years of experience in the supply chain area.
416 hours is the time that can be saved to one logistician per year.

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"We offer precisely tailor-made solutions based on our clients’ needs."

Auto Kelly

We work together on
making the supply chain
area successful.

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