Every company, regardless of size, needs to keep different types of records and overviews and, among them, monitor its performance “through numbers and indicators” or have reporting. Even today, the universal tool for reporting is still mainly the Excel spreadsheet. Everyone knows Excel, the table is very easy to create and almost everyone can use the basic and some more advanced functions in Excel. Which is great. At the same time, it can be a big challenge, if not a straight path to table hells.

What we encounter with clients

It is common that as a company grows and develops, structural changes occur, employees come and go, Excel spreadsheets are created and developed organically. Which can have some unpleasant consequences. With our clients, we usually encounter at least one, but more often a combination of several phenomena described below:

Not all Excel files are the same

The performance of any tool depends to a large extent on who uses the tool. But there is a difference if a carpenter comes to a fully equipped workshop or has to make a planer himself in order to work, and with each new task he has to make more and more tools. And it works similarly with Excel.

With the right settings, thanks to many years of development, ever-expanding functionalities, great flexibility in all respects and massive expansion in the office environment, MS Excel is still the best platform on which to process company data, whether performance indicators or practical inputs for operations ( logistics, production, sales, etc.).

At ATHELAS Computing we are ready to get your Excles to a professional level. We deal with optimization, interconnection and automation of reporting and development of tools in the Excel environment on a daily basis. We have developed hundreds of solutions that make our clients’ daily operation easier and save their time and energy. You can see examples of implemented solutions in case studies for KPIs and automated reporting.

What you get from automatization and optimization of tools in Excel with ATHELAS Computing

  1. Optimized tools for tracking what you need to track. Interconnection of fragmented data into logical units. Maximum related information in one place.
  2. Automated data processing that saves work and a lot of time for all those in charge of data processing.
  3. A solution tailored to your business that responds to your specific data monitoring and reporting needs.
  4. Accurate results thanks to automated and consistent input data processing procedures.
  5. Visually great and user-friendly tools and outputs from them, which can also be easily transferred to any presentation if needed.
  6. Easy implementation of a new solution. We will not leave the Excel environment, which you are used to and which can be handled by basically any employee.
  7. Our twenty years of experience with optimizing and automating tools in Excel, which translates into speed and expertise in designing and creating solutions for you.
  8. Great result for reasonable money. You only pay for our work and you know the scope of the project in advance. For more complicated projects, our rate is CZK 1,600 (60 EUR) per hour of work of a three-member project team. For smaller projects, we adjust the price according to how many people are involved in the project.
  9. Flexibility of the solution. If the needs for what data your automated file is to process and display change (for example, when a new indicator is added), we can easily and quickly implement these changes into the previously created solution.

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