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We are ATHELAS Computing

We create tailor-made tools which help companies grow thanks to the simplification and price reduction of everyday operations in the field of supply chain management and financial planning.

We bring solutions for supply chain management

At ATHELAS Computing we have over 18 years of experience with the development of practical solutions in the field of supply chain management – logistics, warehousing, forecasting – and finance planning. We contribute to our clients’ growth through data analysis, network modelling, development of practical applications for higher efficiency and lower costs of everyday operation and KPI reporting.

We work for large multinational corporations as well as for medium-sized and small businesses.Within our years of market experience we have developed hundreds of solutions used by our clients in their everyday operations. We also administer and supply regular reporting for some clients in various areas of supply chain management.

Whether it involves a proposal of logistics network optimization, effective reporting of KPI or an application for easy monitoring of a certain supply chain aspect for which a module is missing in the current data system of the company, we always develop solutions that are fully customised to our client’s needs.

  • We have 18 years of experience and hundreds of solutions running in practice.
  • We offer tailor-made solutions, no universal applications.
  • We can handle any volume of data to be processed.
  • Our services help save time and money.

We grow along with you

Well-functioning and cost-efficient supply chain is the key motivation of all our projects.During our professional practice, we have proposed solutions, which in total enabled our clients to save nearly two billion Czech crowns.We save our clients’ money and time, as we know that time means money as well.

Our services

Our team

Viktor Baroš

Managing Director

Markéta Lajdová

Senior Analyst

Václav Oborník

Junior Analyst