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What can we do for you?

We save your time. Our customized analysis and automated reporting frees the capacity of people across company departments.
We automate processes. Our solutions are focused on process automation and BI development. We set up effective monitoring of operations and costs in various departments.
We love data. We will analyze and professionally present any data in any quantity. In high-quality and precisely.
We are transparent. In each project, you have control over the cost of our services. Our usual rate is 70 USD (65 EUR) per hour for the whole project team.

More about services

118 hours is the time that we can save one employee per year.
19 years we have been developing and delivering solutions that make business easier.
17 % is the average saving on costs resulting from our projects.
186 solutions we have developed in the last five years, from large months lasting projects to smaller analyses and applications.

We worked on projects for

"I like to put things together. To see how something messy, that has cost many people a lot of time, becomes a solution that is automated, simple, transparent. I always make sure we offer our clients services with added value. "

Viktor Baroš
CEO ATHELAS Computing s.r.o.

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We love analyses
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