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We are ATHELAS Computing

We create tailor-made tools which help companies grow thanks to the simplification and cost reduction of everyday operations. We save your employees' time by automatization of processes and developing business intelligence solutions.

Data, analysis, reporting, BI – this is our domain

At ATHELAS Computing we love data and we enjoy bringing sense to business data together with our clients. We have more than 19 years of experience in analyses and development of practical solutions in the field of business intelligence – reporting, KPIs monitoring, streamlining business operations and collaboration between company´s departments. Thanks to the automation of processes, we significantly save your employees’ time.

We work for companies of various sizes, from small and medium to large multinational corporations. Many of our projects are in supply chain management, but our services can be of use in any part of the company. Over the years, we have developed hundreds of solutions that our clients use in their daily operations. We also administer and supply regular reporting in various areas for some clients.

We have participated in the development of partial solutions within a certain department of the company, as well as in large analyses and models that serve as a basis for strategic decision-making. We are very skilled at data visualization and presentation.

All our solutions are tailor-made for a specific client. They run on the platform of existing office software available to the client. Thanks to this you do not pay for other licenses, only for our work. Our usual rate is 70 USD (65EUR) per hour for the whole project team.

  • We have 19 years of experience and hundreds of solutions running in practice.
  • We offer tailor-made solutions, no universal applications.
  • We can handle any volume of data to be processed.
  • Our services help save time and money.

We grow along with you

Well-functioning and cost-efficient business is the key motivation of all our projects. During our professional practice, we have proposed solutions with total savings potential worth nearly two billion Czech crowns. Thanks to the automation of data processing, our clients also save a significant amount of time for their employees.

Our services

Our team

Viktor Baroš

Managing Director

Markéta Lajdová

Project manager

Václav Oborník

Junior Analyst